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Leading change from waste to resource through re-use, re-design, research and education.

The Rediscovery Centre is a social enterprise dedicated to providing community employment and training via innovative reuse enterprises which use waste and unwanted materials as a resource and raw material for new product design.

Our scientists, designers, business managers and craftsmen are united in a common purpose of sustainability through resource efficiency and life cycle design.  Our operational processes and programmes provide workplace skills training and development for unemployed people, graduates and the community. Our research supports the development of the circular economy and advocates for a more resilient, equitable society.   Our public training courses, demonstrations and educational activities highlight the benefits of effective resource management and encourage everyone to REDISCOVER the value of waste.



What's new...!

The Rediscovery Centre - a volunteers perspective

Anthony Muotto describes his experience volunteering with the Rediscover Cycling team. Read the full article

Teaching at Dublin Zoo summer camps

Milena, a current intern with the education team, gives an overview of her experience in helping to deliver Rediscovery Centre workshops at Dublin Zoo summer camps. Read the full article


The Rediscovery Centre team has been busy sowing the seeds for the reopening of the Ballymun Boiler House as a 3D textbook to inspire waste reuse through interactive learning and engagement. 
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Roses are red... and pink and white and yellow..

Hola amigos! I'm Adriana, I'm 20, I'm from Spain (maybe you already noticed), and I'm here in Dublin doing a 9 weeks internship with The Rediscovery Centre! (I'm in my second week).
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Ballymun Creative Lab

The Rediscovery Centre, the NCAD Access Programme, and the Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun collaborated on a two-week long youth programme that combined the principles of the circular economy, sustainability, and the creative arts.  Read the full article

Safety and sustainability: the Rediscovery Centre at Henkel's Safety Expo

Paul Callan, head of Rediscover Cycling, discusses how proper maintenance both extends the life of a bike and makes it safer to ride. Read the full article

Community workshops in furniture restoration

Gerard Griffin and the Rediscover Furniture team facilitate workshops in the local community that teach furniture restoration and reuse skills. Read the full article

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