Recraft is an initiative of the Rediscovery Centre and the National College of Art & Design that aims to develop an MA in Design Sustainability based in Ballymun.


Phase one of Recraft ran between September 2010 to July 2011 involving three graduate designers from NCAD working in a Rediscovery Centre workshop and exhibition space in Ballymun.   The focus here was to integrate design and resource recovery in the creation of bespoke craft products within a new business model.  


Recraft products created during this phase are on sale in the Rediscovery Centre’s Ecostore.



For more information on Recraft please contact Roger Warburton

T: (01) 8429811
A: Rediscovery Centre Ecostore, Unit 1, The Turnpike, Santry Cross, Ballymun, D11