Rediscover Paint

Rediscover Paint is a paint reuse scheme. We collect, sort for reuse paint that is normally sent to landfill by households, contractors and traders, and then make it available to collect for reuse. 

Find us

Rediscover Paint is located at Unit 4, Shangan Neighbourhood Centre, Shangan Road, Ballymun. Click here for Google Map

What we do

We have all been stuck with the problem of how to dispose of paint safely and responsibly. Rediscover Paint solves this problem by taking paint that would otherwise go to landfill and redistributing it for reuse.

Donating paint - What sort of paint can I donate?

Rediscover Paint accepts all non-hazardous, water based paints. It doesn't matter if there is only a third of a can left or it's an unusual colour, whatever you donate will put it to good use. We accept:

  • Gloss and tile paint
  • Eggshell
  • Undercoat
  • Primer
  • Masonry and floor paint
  • Exterior paint
  • Varnishes and woodstains
  • Satin paint

  • What sort of paint can I not donate?

    Unfortunately we cannot accept any paint or material whose container or packaging displays a hazard symbol. These include:

    Paint Stripper and Thinners
    Paintbrush cleaners
  • Wood preservatives and treatments
  • Car Paint
  • Aerosol/spray paint
  • Paint not in its original container
  • Cellulose based paint

To dispose of these items safely please contact your local Recycling Centre.

How do I donate paint?

You can drop paint off directly at our workshop, please contact us 01 842 2078

Collecting Paint

We’re always looking for new people and places to redistribute paint to, so get in touch if you’re looking for some paint! Rediscover Paint runs a membership scheme, so to collect paint simply join as a member and then you can collect paint on a regular basis. More details below.

Join Rediscover Paint as a member

Simply click here to download the membership form, then fill it out and bring it with you when making a paint collection or donation.

There are a number of different rates for membership, so you can pick the one which best suits you:
Rate 1 - 20 euro per annum
For individuals and/or one-off collections of up to 50litres per year 

Rate 2 - 50 euro per annum
For groups and organisations collecting up to 150 litres per year

Rate 3 - 50 euro per annum 
Paint trade and contractors donating up to 50 litres per year

Rate 4 - 200 euro per annum
Paint trade and contractors donating up to 300 litres per year
Please contact us to discuss collections of larger amounts.

What sort of things can I do with reusable paint?

Usually we have a range of different colours in our paint store, which are especially good for schools, community groups and youth projects. The types and colours of paint vary all the time. For example Here’s some community artists using paint from Rediscover Paint to paint a mural at the Festival of World Cultures last year.


Download the Rediscover Paint info leaflet here


For all Rediscover Paint queries please contact:
Tel: 01 8422078