WISER Life Project

Thanks to a successful €3.6M application from the Rediscovery Centre and Dublin City Council to the EU’s LIFE+ environment fund Ballymun’s old Boiler House underwent a green revamp.


WISER (Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse) Life developed a prototype “3D textbook” which will promote positive behavioural change with regard to resource management and efficiency.  WISER Life presents a new concept in educational space highlighting the ability to incorporate active learning through building design, construction, operation and occupation thereby defining the building as an educational tool.



The creation of this prototype has demonstrated excellence in reuse at every level of interaction, will be supported by a cluster of resource efficient enterprises and was complemented by a suite of environmental education, training and research programmes which together will support the development of a low carbon society where waste reuse plays a pivotal role in signposting the direction towards a resource efficient Europe.


The test-bed afforded through the WISER Life project is unique given that it presented the ultimate challenge:  to redesign and retrofit a building, originally constructed to dissipate heat and associated with an inefficient district heating scheme, to best practice energy management standards incorporating innovative and experimental technologies and platforms that have the potential to educate and influence the behaviour of its visitors and to be applied at a European Community level.

The activities of this centre are core to ambitions set out in national waste and sustainability policies and will encourage eco-innovation, environmental best practice and the creation of green sector jobs.

The completion of this project has resulted in the preservation of an iconic and historical building, the provision of necessary waste infrastructure for the region and the creation of local employment.


WISER Life is kindly supported by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community


Further information

Further information on the project can be found here.
You can download a copy of the feasibility study here.